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Wireless Driveway Alarm

The Wireless Driveway Alarm

The Wireless Driveway Alarm System in ActionOf all of the innovations in security systems none can be more convenient and easy to use than wireless driveway alarm systems. Like their wired counterparts, these systems allow you to be completely aware when a person or vehicle arrives upon the threshold of your property at your business or home. With the use of these systems, you never have to be surprised with deliveries, guests, or when clients arrive. Notifications can be transmitted to your receiver, that is located either indoors or wherever you are, that will inform you via a chime or melody that someone has arrived.

Wireless driveway alarm systems allow you the ability to extend your monitoring range tremendously when compared to wired models. The usual range of these devices is a few hundred feet, but superior models can be used at even greater distances. Both the transmitter and receiver are generally powered with batteries and are made for portability and ease of use. The receivers are generally portable and can be carried around so you can roam your business and home and still be notified of an arrival at your property. The sensor component of these systems can be used indoors or outside, and can be easily mounted with a few screws to any number surfaces at the entry of your property. Both components are also available in rugged weatherproof designs as well.

At DrivewayAlarm.com we provide a full assortment of business and residential products that will increase safety and monitoring of your property at all times. By increasing security you can also ward of unwanted individuals using alarms, bright lights, sirens. Whether you are seeking a wireless driveway alarm or any other superior quality products, we can help you find the solution you have been seeking. Don’t be caught surprised by visitors, and don’t fall victim to burglary when protecting your investments has never been easier.

Our staff is specially trained to handle all inquiries regarding our large assortment of products. Contact any member of our professional associates to receive friendly customer service and answers to all of your questions. By investing in the protection of your business or home you not only protect your assets but receive piece of mind as well. Start the process by glancing through our large online selection or contact our staff to set up a free consultation. Protection can be as easy as making a phone call and answering a few questions about your needs. Call today.