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SMS/Text Message Tresspassor Alert

Intrusion Text Alert Device

by Voice Alert

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Intrusion Text Alert Device
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Remote Control for the TextAlert

TextAlert brings Voice Alert {technology|engineering} to the {next|future} using cell phone technology to {transmit|send} {intrusion|violation} warnings to {interested|involved} parties via their cell phones.

Today, people carry their cell phones all the time. We decided to {utilize|apply} it and the {result|answer} is textalert.

TextAlert can work in {conjunction|alignment} with a standard Voice Alert system or independently. The system is {easy|simple} to set up and {provides|allows} a cost effective {solution|resolution} to remote {monitoring|supervising} applications.

Be several places at one time.

Unlike {traditional|conventional} voice alert {systems|arrangements}, where an intrusion is {detected|observed} and {announced|declared} by a voice, the text alert system sends out a {customized|individualized} text message to your cellular phone.

TextAlert {announces|declares} an intrusion with a text message up to 16 zones that it wirelessly monitors. This silent betrayal means that the {intruder|trespasser} has no idea that his {every|every last} move is being reported. This silent betrayal is a {critical|serious} {factor|component} because, a burglar who {believes|thinks} he’s {undetected|undiscovered} is easier to apprehend. With instant {intruder|trespasser} {information|info} in your hands you have the ability to control a situation.

How TextAlert works

TextAlert has its own 433mhz radio {receiver|receiving system} that is capable of reading and {reacting|responding} to the coded pulse signals {sent|transmitted} by VoiceAlert sensors. (*Please read the “How it Works” description under the Product/VoiceAlert section.) However, TextAlert’s on board radio receiver {allows|lets} it work like the VoiceAlert receiver.

Briefly: VoiceAlert sensor/transmitters {detect|discover} an intruder and {transmit|transfers} a wireless coded radio pulse. When TextAlert receives the pulse, it identifies the {specific|unique} zone (by the pulses code) and sends the right zone warning – for example: “Driveway INTRUDER, 3 Central Drive, Smith family, please ASSIST”

Easy setup via software or Cell/Mobile phone

TextAlert comes with setup CD software to install on your computer and USB cable to link TextAlert to your computer for setup (after which you unplug TextAlert and use it anywhere you choose).

Message Content

So - as the name “TextAlert” suggests, the unit’s primary function is to send Sms/Text messages.

From the message example given above, you will appreciate that succinctly crowding a lot of information into the message is important. Recipients of this message need to understand the urgency and nature of the problem, the location and your desired response from them.

16 Monitored Zones

TextAlert monitors up to 16 zones. Each zone can have its own warning message that you type into a message input area in the software.

In the setup software’s main Administrative screen, you can input and name up to 16 {potential|possible} text message {recipients|recipient roles}. These names are then {immediately|instantly} duplicated into every one of the 16 zone setup tabs. You can have {certain|particular} zones notify only {certain|particular} recipients and allow them to turn {specific|particular} zones on or off - all you do is check the box {alongside|by} their name in those zones.

More than just Text messages