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  • Di2000T Transmitter
  • Di2000 Receiver

This driveway alarm is not only limited to monitoring driveways, in fact the monitoring capabilities for this device are almost infinite.

by Driveway Informer

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Di2000S-A Driveway Alarm
Driveway Informer Extra Transmitter/Sensor for "A" systems only
Driveway Informer Extra Receiver for "A" systems only
6 Inch Bell for use with Dakota 3000 Series Driveway Alarm/Motion Alert Sets
Driveway Informer Extra Speaker
12vDC Siren Accessory
Amber Strobe Light, 12V DC
Blue Strobe Light, 12V DC
Clear Strobe Light, 12V DC
Red Strobe Light, 12V DC
Miniature Extra Buzzers
TX1000A-PB, 500ft. Range
Entrance Alert Set Outdoor Push Button Transmitter for the DA50L-A

Download Product Manual (PDF)

Do you live on a lot of acres and find yourself constantly surprised by unexpected visitors? With the DI2000-A you can always be informed whenever someone is driving up your driveway. This device could NOT be easier to install. This device is not limited to only monitoring driveways, in fact the monitoring capabilities for this device are almost infinite.

The Driveway Informer Features:

  • Transmitter to receiver range of up to 2,500 Ft (clear line of site)
  • Capable of monitoring up to four separate zones (distinctive sound per zone)
  • Option second speaker available to hear in second room with add on speaker
  • Ability to connect accessories via a 12v DC terminal -- see accessories for details
  • Simple to read counter on receiver with reset button
  • Latest technology provides long range with long battery life.  At 500 rings per day, estimated battery life is two years.  Cold weather will dimish this number.
  • Trasmitter functions using a 9 Volt battery
  • Receiver plugs into wall outlet
  • Additional trasmitters, Di2000T-A and additional receivers, Di2000R-A available and easy to install
  • Easy to set Dip switches on transmitter and receiver to synch units and/or add additional tranmitters or receivers
  • Operates at a frequency of 418Mhz
  • Easy to use Volume Control knob on receiver
  • 12Volt DC output terminal screw for additional accessories
  • Outlet for additional wired speaker
  • Easy to read black LCD counter with reset button
  • Four zones, each with own sound option
  • Battery life expected to last two years (trasmitter)
Speaking to the versatility of your system, I'll relate the following event.

We had wild hogs come into our yard where they rooted up the lawn causing a lot of damage.  I moved one of my sensors and mounted it low on the base of a nearby tree pointing to where it would cover the area where the hogs were rooting.  I slept in my recliner, fully clothed that night with my shotgun loaded and handy.  At 1:30 a.m. the alarm went off.  Armed I eased out the front door and around to the side of the house where I encountered the hog (only one).  Result, the bacon was excellent and there has been no further problems.

The alarm worked flawlessly and it sure beat trying to stay up all night, looking out a window.
- John M., Cleveland, Texas


Lately, my whole life has been wracked with paranoia! Since December of '07 when our home was burglarized, I have done nothing but think about ways to protect my home, possessions, and identity. It's been crazy! Or maybe I really meant to say, it's making ME crazy!

Not only have I found places to hide my valuables when I'm not home, I've alarmed my doors and windows, and now I have a wireless sensor to alert me to any car, person, or animal that comes down my driveway! During the day, I can see out to the end of my driveway, but at night, because we don't have street lights, it's pitch black out there! My dogs will bark when they hear something, but many times they bark at "nothing"! This makes me constantly run to the front windows to see if anyone is out there. I live in the "toolies" so when the dogs bark I get a little freaked out!

Now I have the "Driveway Informer"! Maybe it's a false sense of security, but I feel safer knowing for sure when someone, or something is heading down my driveway. I know there are waaay less expensive wireless sensors and receivers, but sometimes you get what you pay for, and I didn't want to take any chances on my safety.
- Sizwizz, United States

The Di2000R-A in an additional receiver for the driveway informer wireless driveway sytem.  Each receiver is capable of monitoring up to four zones with unique chimes per zone.  You match the dip switches on the back of the receiver to match the transmitter you wish to monitor.

Opposite of the transmitter, the receiver is NOT weatherproof and should only be used indoors. Included is a 12V power supply with a 6 foot long cord. The receiver comes with a built in click counter. This comes in handy if you are interested in the amount of times your device detects movement. Located next to the counter is a button to reset the counter to zero. The device has the ability the monitor up to 4 zones simultaneously, you control this by matching the dipswitches on you receiver to that of your transmitter. Very similar to the transmitter this unit also has 6 dipswitches. The first four are those which must be uniform with your transmitter. The fifth dipswitch will control the output time of the 12VDC. What this means is if you attach an accessory such as the strobe light or siren, you can set it to activate for 1 or 5 seconds. The sixth dipswitch is not in use. There is another terminal labeled "SPKR". This is to add an external speaker that will emit the same tone as your device. There is a volume control for control of the devices.

The Di2000T-A is an additional add on trasmitter for the Driveway Informer wireless driveway monitor.  An additional transmitter allows you to monitor additional areas, and you can either have it set to one of the four available chime sounds of the the Driveway Informer receiver.

With the transmitter being weatherproof it is typically mounted outdoors. This driveway alarm boasts a range of up to 2500' ft. That number greatly depends on the line of sight from the transmitter to the receiver. Factors such as trees, bushes, hills, or large buildings can have an impact on the range. Located underneath the back cover of this device there are 6 dipswitches. The first four dipswitches will control the privacy codes which must be uniform with the receiver. The last two dispwitches control the tone of the device. Be sure to double check that the rubber gasket is sitting properly in position before the closing the device. This device uses a PIR (passive infrared) sensor to detect any motion in the detection zone.  This unit has a detection range of about 50'. At 25'  the detection area is about 1ft by 2ft. At the end of the detection range , 50', the detection area is roughly 2 ft by 2 ft. The universal mounting brackets with two pre-drilled holes comes included with the wireless driveway alarm.  Since this device detects any infrared motion we recommend installing the sensor a little high up with a slight angle pointing upwards to avoid detecting small animals.