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Why settle for a driveway alarm that is less than the best?

DrivewayAlarm.Com offers a large assortment of driveway sensor products. As a matter of fact, that is all we feature on this website. We understand that with all the different models of driveway alarms available, choosing the right one may seem a little complicated. That's why we are here to help!

As our name suggests, DrivewayAlarm specializes in the very best driveway monitoring systems. Our inventory consists of only the very best products to notify you when a visitor, guest, delivery vehicle, or unwanted trespasser enters or exits your property, home, or business. We believe in utilizing only the best technology and superior materials. We even offer specialty products like our Magnetometer Sensors (detects only metal objects) and PIR (Passive Infrared) sensors that can even protect the entirety of your property and ensure proper surveillance. We have products that embody that historic spirit, but with all modern conveniences that technological evolution has afforded us today like the bell that rang when a car drove over a black rubber hose at the service station, the driveway signal bell.

Di2000S-A Driveway Informer WPA-3000 Probe Driveway Alarm Detects Cars Only with Range of 600 Ft.
Driveway Informer Di2000S-A
#DI2000S-A by Driveway Informer

Monitor up to 4 separate zones with the Di2000S-A Driveway Informer.  This product will alert you of any movement in your driveway -- Simply the best!

Wireless Probe Driveway Alarm
#WPA-3000 by Dakota Alerts

Driveway Alert WPA-3000 by Dakota Alerts only detects automobiles and has a wireless range of 600ft.  Won't be set off by people, animals, or other movement.

2500 Feet Range Wireless Driveway Alarm with Motion Sensor
#DCMA-2500 by Dakota Alerts

The small, compact wireless driveway is super-charged.  It has a wireless range, from the transmitter to the receiver, of up to 2,500 feet (depending on environmental factors).  The tranmsitter is a PIR based, weatherproof sensor that is small, compat, and olive drab in color.  The transmitter has a detection range of up to 50 feet and will detect any movement that has some heat signature which helps eliminate false alarms caused by wind, leaves, etc.


By clicking the driveway alarm systems menu link you will see the different alarm systems offered by DrivewayAlarm.  We have offered a short explanation of the systems to help you choose.



We have a plethora of alarms, bells, chimes, and alert sounds to work in tandem with your driveway alarm system. Like all of our products, these bells and chimes can be installed quickly and easily to ensure ease of use. Even if you require different sounds for various points of entry to your property we can accommodate you with our huge inventory of bells, chimes, melodies, and alert sounds.


DrivewayAlarm.com also features newer innovations like the remote chime, which can be utilized nearly anywhere you require a notification both indoors and outdoors. Feel free to mix and match various components of our inventory as many of our accessories and systems are compatible and interchangeable.
You can install our entire inventory of driveway alarm systems easily, nearly anywhere. We have applications that are ideal for both inside and outside usage. Your driveway is most of the time your first line of defense to your business or home. Why not protect your investment, employees, and loved ones from surprises and unwanted visitors?


We offer a full array of residential and business-oriented wireless driveway alarm products that will keep you informed at all times of the goings-on at your property. As an added benefit, systems can be customized to ward of threats or trespassers with the use of bright lights, sirens, and alarms.
Contact any one of our professional associates to help create an application that is perfect for your needs. Invest in the safety of your home and business. We are the first and last word in professional driveway alarm systems. Begin by browsing our huge selection online or contact us for a free consultation today.